once again

27 02 2006

Again I make an entrance into the blogosphere…this time, perhaps, I can me more deliberate, more practical, more beneficial. I stopped once before because I had to make some choices about where my time would be invested. I read blogs a couple times each day of several people who inspire me and challenge me. I figure this will give me an opportunity to interact with some of what I’m reading in the blogosphere as well as in books – plus, it’ll give me a chance too interact and flesh out some of the things goiing on in my mind. So, here’s to blogging…again.

For me…it’s a form of working out the process of God working through me (thus the name) – as well, it’s an opportunity to perhaps (to borrow Mark Batterson‘s phrase) offer a form of digital discipleship. So, in a nutshell, here’s what I hope to accomplish in this blog:

  • create a place where i can process the things that God is doing – digitally
  • create an avenue of digital discipleship where others can perhaps share in the knowledge and experience gained
  • allow others an opportunity to share in the victories and frustrations that I experience as i walk with God
  • create a digital record of the “going’s on” in the Spirit
  • leave behind a digital landscape of the process of God in my life



One response

8 03 2006
Marsha Steed

I was searching for some background on “value the experience ” because I am starting a business named Value Experience and I googled the concept value experience and you popped up. I find this extremely interesting because like you I am focused on understanding more about God and how he/she is working in my life.

I am currently doing an ID series through my church and its focus is understanding who we are and what we have been told about ourselves. Maybe I will share how this process worked(six weeks is the session)and what the outcome has been. I should say I have been very aware of how God communicates

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